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Yoga Wednesdays & Saturdays 

In-person yoga at St. Aidan's is currently on pause while we continue to shelter in place.

Yoga Wednesday

Wednesday 10:00 AM
Nora Burnett

Nora Burnett has been teaching Yoga  in San Francisco since the late 1980’s. She graduated from the Iyengar Yoga Institute and is a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. She teaches regular classes, workshops, and courses in Teacher Training.

Nora came to Iyengar Yoga, a method of Hatha Yoga developed by BKS Iyengar, through a background in bodywork and dance. She brings a broad understanding of functional anatomy, an appreciation of peoples’ strengths and limitations, and ongoing inquiry into what leads to more integration of body, mind and spirit.
New students are welcome at any time.  Please arrive a few minutes early to register. Classes are mixed-level and props are provided.
For more information, please call Nora at 
415 -334 -9642.

Yoga Saturday

Saturdays, 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM
Monica Desai-Henderson


Monica is a graduate of the San Francisco Iyengar Yoga Institute’s Advanced Studies/Teacher Training and is a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. She has traveled to Pune, India to study with the Iyengar family and has been teaching Iyengar yoga for 12 years.

Monica’s yoga classes are creative and joyful. They focus on development of core stabilization, mindfulness of breath, precision in postures, and the slow, steady building of strength and flexibility through intelligent, thoughtful sequencing. Through refinement of the poses, Monica strives to guide her students towards greater self-awareness and well-being. Her class is mixed-level and all are welcome, including beginners. All yoga props are provided including mats.

For information contact the yoga teacher,

Monica Desai-Henderson, 


or drop in on a Saturday morning

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