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Our People


The Reverend Dr. Cameron Partridge  

(415) 285-9540 x2

Music Minister

Mr. Barry Koron             

(415) 285-9540


​Parish Administrator

Mr. Cary McCullough                          

(415) 285-9540 x 3

Nursery Care

Ms. Coco Lin    


Parish Nurse  

Ms. Susan Spencer



The Reverend Margaret Dyer-Chamberlain 

Assisting Priest

The Reverend Gary Ost 


​Assisting Priest

The Reverend Donald A. Fox 

Senior Warden

Ms. Kate Fritz (through 2024)

Junior Warden



​Clerk & Treasurer

Mr. David Frangquist



Mrs. Anne Benninger (through 2024)

Mrs. Anne Edwards (through 2023)

Mrs. Sarah Glover (through 2025)

Mr. Lee Hammack (through 2025)

Mr. Michael Jennings (through 2023)

Ms. Elaina LeGault (through 2024)

Mr. Jim Oerther (through 2023)

Ms. Barbara Stevenson (through 2025)


The Reverend Dr. Cameron Partridge  

Dr. Cameron's Bio

Cameron Partridge was called to St. Aidan’s in 2016. Originally from the Bay Area, he lived in Massachusetts for about twenty years, was ordained in 2004/2005 and completed his Th.D. in 2008. He has served in parish, campus ministry, and divinity school settings, including teaching undergrads and divinity school students. A theologian by training, Cameron is one of several openly transgender clergy and lay people who have contributed to wider, ongoing conversations in Christian contexts about gender, sexuality, and embodiment. He has a passion for theological and spiritual formation, social justice advocacy, worship with both ancient and contemporary elements, vocational discernment, and communities where families of all kinds are embraced and people are transformed. He and his spouse Kateri have two children (7 and 10), a (20+ year old) cat, and a (1+ year old) rabbit. Cameron loves reading SciFi/Fantasy and memoirs, baking pies, hiking with his family, listening to music, and the Muppets.

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