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Community Gardening

​​St. Aidan's has a garden plot at the Little Red Hen near the SF Police Academy in our neighborhood, where we grow produce for the community. Deacon Margaret gardens there and blogs about it here-- check it out! Volunteers are always welcomed. 

We also began participating in the Good News Gardens movement during the pandemic. On the first Saturday of the month at St. Aidan's from 12:30-2 PM, Deacon Margaret leads us in weeding, planting, cleaning up, and caring for the church grounds. As part of this effort, we created a container garden in 2020 that, along with our Little Red Hen plot, contributes produce for the community. Bring a bag lunch, then roll up your sleeves and join the gardening. It's a lot of fun!

​Contact for more information:
Deacon Margaret, 650-69-0781, 


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