Our Prayers

In Your Prayers, Please Remember:


In the Episcopal Church: for Michael our Presiding Bishop; Marc our Bishop; the clergy of the Diocese; our Rector Cameron; our assisting priests Don and Gary; our Deacons Margaret and Mark; our seminarian Susan; our Music Minister Barry; our Administrator Diana


In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer:

Ruaha (Tanzania) The Rt Revd Joseph Mgomi

Diocese in Europe (England) The Rt Revd David Hamid Diocese in Europe (England) The Rt Revd Robert Innes Europe (The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Pierre Whalon


In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer:  

All Souls, Berkley    Commemoration of All Faithful Departed

St. Elizabeth's, South San Francisco    Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptist


In our Parish Cycle of Prayer: for our Elder Care Facility Ministry


For those who have asked for our prayers: Phil P., Carmen, Ellyana, Jen, Jim F., Bryan, Ashley, Nancy F., Debbie V., Dave P., Ed C, Deborah T, George, Mary, Jennifer, Tina, and Jim T; Janice, Debbie, Susan, and Colly T., Linda C., Bill C., Valerie, Nora, Linnea, Judy, Michael, Jim P., Mervyn R., Phyllis L., Carol O. & Family, Bishop Marc, Kim K., Earl P.  


For those who strive to maintain mental and emotional wellness, and for their families and friends; 


For our congregation as we embrace our call to be a sanctuary people, may we commit ourselves to prayer, education, and practices of sanctuary to support immigrants to this country and all people who are estranged, excluded, or threatened in 21st century America.


For the ongoing work against all forms of oppression, and in affirmation of the  human dignity of all people;


For all who are struggling in this time of increased hatred and division; for comfort and community and for a sharpened sense of watchfulness to safeguard our common life;


For those who have recently died: Jess, Don Tettelbach, Ginny Troyan, Dorothy Leong, Grace Jang, Cathy Paul, John Tomlins and all who have died in wars, natural disasters or other violence around the world and for their families. 


Names are printed by first name only unless otherwise requested. 

Names will be kept on the prayer list for four weeks, 

to keep someone on the list for longer, please notify the office.

To place a name on our prayer list, please contact the church office

 415-285-9540, ext. 3 or office@staidansf.org 

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