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What we believe…


We believe that racial justice, when achieved, will heal the most corrosive wounds in the soul of our society.


We believe that that the system of white supremacy dehumanizes not only those it oppresses but also those who benefit from it.


We believe that we must critically examine our faith traditions and how they have been complicit in racism.


We believe, as people of faith, that we are called to work for collective liberation. We also believe that our communities of faith have distinct assets that can drive powerful change.


We believe that faith communities must build deep and mutually beneficial alliances with grassroots organizers, whose knowledge, skills, and experience often exceed our own.


What we propose…


We propose to create a learning community composed of faith leaders in San Francisco that is focused on working for racial justice. We propose to learn, teach, and grow together—to expand our imagination, to develop our skills, to create a shared vision, to engage in collective action.


We propose to equip ourselves so that we can activate our faith communities in the work of dismantling racism—at both the level of inner change and that of collective action.


We propose to initiate this leap of faith on January 26, 2019, with a gathering  at St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church in San Francisco, for which Dr. J. Kameron Carter will be the keynote speaker. Over the course of this day we will spend time mapping out a vision of what we could accomplish together and in outlining next steps and making commitments.


Who we are…


We conveners of this gathering are from St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church in the Diamond Heights neighborhood of San Francisco.


We are people who feel called to join others in the messy work of being the hands and feet of the Creator in the world…even when we are figuring it out, one step at a time.


We are people who dared to dream of asking Dr. J. Kameron Carter to come lend his prophetic voice to boost the kickoff of this new endeavor…and he said yes!

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