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Pastoral Care Committee

At St. Aidan’s we seek to care for one another as God cares for us. In addition to pastoral care offered by our clergy, we have a pastoral care committee that organizes and caries out support for various members of our community. The work of this group occurs in three areas.  

Support and Sustenance

This group focuses on concrete, everyday things we can do to support people who may be ill or in need of extra TLC. Prior to the pandemic, one group was gathering periodically to make and freeze soup for those who might need it due to illness or emergency. During the pandemic we have created COVID Connect which meets periodically (via Zoom) to organize support for folks who need extra assistance and connection during this time. We're doing some "buddy calls" to regularly check in on folks over the phone, as well as some no-contact assistance with light errands like grocery shopping.


Spiritual Care

Several St. Aidanites are trained as Eucharistic Visitors and can bring Communion to folks who are are unable to attend worship in person. We look forward to the return of this ministry after the danger of COVID has passed.   

ELM - End of Life Ministries

An outgrowth of a Christian Formation series in the spring of 2018, the ELM committee meets regularly to share wisdom and gather resources for members of the parish and their loved ones who are making decisions related to end of life care. Their ministry seeks to assist in three phases: before in life care planning, during and surrounding the time of death, and after death. While it is not ELM's role to be agents or personal helpers of those navigating these questions and circumstances, the group encourages parishioners to find helpers, aided by the resources and information ELM has gathered. They share this Resource Binder to help in navigating these phases. If you would like to be in touch with the group, please feel free to reach out to the parish administer at

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