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Dymphna Productions

        In 2019 St. Aidan’s created our 16th original musical comedy written, directed and performed by parishioners and friends. Our musical creations are fondly named after St. Dymphna. The plays focus on the misadventures of the staff at St. Dymphna’s Church. The shows help raise funds to support St. Aidan’s community programs and serve as fun community building events.

        The Elves of Presley, a musical comedy with familiar tunes, was presented on Nov. 8 and 9 and Nov. 10 at St. Aidan's. The show featured another nutty play written and directed by John Wilk, Theatre Professor, City College of San Francisco. Scrumbly Koldewyn returned as music director. Deborah Shaw, director and choreographer of City College's spring musicals, staged the dancing. Actors in the cast joined parishioners Anne Benninger, Dave Frangquist, Christine Powell and Nancy Sabin. 

        It was Christmas in November. Elphus, king of the elves from Presley, a town 50 miles south of the North Pole led the elves in rehearsing St. Dymphna's extravaganza fundraiser. Mother Mary and the elves convinced Sadie to drop her bah, humbug attitude by staging an intervention with ghosts revealing Sadie's sad memories from the past.... 

A history of our productions is found here.
For information about acting in our plays, helping with stage management, costumes, props, publicity and/or photography, please contact Betsy Eddy, Producer, at

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